Respect where respect is due

Looking at the debate which brought an end to Malta’s six month EU presidency which in my view will be a difficult one to match, I couldn’t help but applaud the European Commission’s President Jean-Claude Juncker actions. Juncker called the European parliament “Totally ridiculous” after a measly 30 members of parliament (which Juncker thanked for their attendance) out of 751 turned up for the debate.

Juncker couldn’t be more spot on. Maybe the MEPs that didn’t attend need reminding that we are living in a time where the far right and Euroscepticism are dangerously on the rise. maybe these MEPs need to be reminded that one country is on the verge of leaving the EU. Most of all I think these MEPs need to be reminded that this is a time where we all need to stand together, every single country and face the problems ahead together as one union rather than 30 scattered members in a parliament. This was a debate that brought an end to what was a successful EU presidency, not some pub discussion on how ridiculous Nigel Farage’s moustache was. It’s a real pity, because there are genuine MEPs that strive to make a difference, MEPs which work hard and sacrifice everything for their duty.


The ridiculous attendance at the EU Presidency’s review debate

What really irked me was Tajani’s comment about how Juncker should use a more respectful tone and going on to say how Juncker “may criticise the parliament, yes, but the commission does not control the parliament, it is parliament who should control the commission.”
With all due respect to Tajani, respect should have been shown by those that did not attend and not Juncker who was doing his duty.  If these MEPs can not be bothered to even show up, how on earth do you expect the “parliament to control the commision”? Better yet, how do you expect EU citizens like myself to respect these MEPs?

Before signing off, I’d like to briefly mention how ridiculous David Casa looked, he looked more like Oswald Cobblepot from the “Gotham” TV series applauding and smirking at one of the Joker’s japes rather than a politician. I often stop to wonder whether Casa is actually in the right job sometimes and I doubt he even noticed that he was encouraging those that don’t consider Malta as an important member state, then again one cannot expect better from him. Seemingly still bitter about his party not being at the helm during Malta’s EU presidency, he went on to applaud Tajani’s intervention after Juncker praised Malta’s presidency. There’s a surprise and a half.


David Casa after Tajani’s intervention


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