The PN are looking for a woman to lead them

Helena Dalli potentially becoming the Labour Party deputy leader has put the Nationalist Party into panic mode. Stephen Calleja in his editorial blog for the Malta Independent made a good point with regards to the Labour Party always being at the forefront when it comes to women in politics. Calleja goes on to mention how it was the Labour Party that gave women the right to vote, had the first woman MP, minister, appointed the first and second woman president, and now the Labour Party could potentially have the first woman deputy leader too with Helena Dalli.

Calleja also went on to mention how the next PN leader should be an attributed woman in order to surpass Labour’s next potential achievment when it comes to promoting women in politics should Helena Dalli be appointed as deputy leader.

Whilst Stephen Calleja did raise some good points, what struck me with his blog post was the sense of genuine fear within the PN right now, and who can blame them? With the only two candidates (both of which are male) to throw their hat into the ring, Adrian Delia and Chris Said, both with huge doubts when it comes to their ability. This leaves a situation where the Labour Party already have a strong leader with Joseph Muscat, are about to also potentially get a strong deputy leader with Helena Dalli whilst the PN can barely come up with a strong candidate for the leader position.

Why Helena Dalli though? From where I stand it is the most obvious choice the Labour Party can make. Helena Dalli is a woman with 21 years of experience in parliament and she has given her all to the Labour Party more so the country as both a member of parliament and as a minister. Helena Dalli also understands the everyday man and woman, a gift that is rare in some politicians.
Helena Dalli’s push for the government to change it’s stance on making the Morning After Pill freely available did not go unnoticed and it’s thanks to women like her  and others that women in Malta now have access to emergency contraception without prescription.

Listening to Dalli speak today during yesterday’s parliamentary session on the gay marriages bill vote was more than enough to cement my support for her bid. The way she called out neolithic artifacts like Edwin Vassallo, Clyde Puli and David Agius over their ridiculous claims regarding the bill was just the cherry on the cake that proved just what an excellent politician she really is and what a fantastic deputy leader she potentially could make.

Come the 14th/15th of July, I’m convinced that the Labour Party will once again be at the forefront for women in politics and women in general when it comes to the final vote for deputy leader.


Minister Dalli launching her Labour Party Deputy Leader campaign.


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