Love is.

Today’s law is not just a law that will be celebrated by the LGBTIQ+ community, but it is a law that will celebrated by each and every one of us.

No longer will there be a wall that divides us, no longer will we have to live with the shadow of inequality in the eyes of the law lingering over our heads. Tomorrow we break down that wall together once and for all as one nation. There will always be people that will try to stand in the way of love and the happiness of others. There will always be those that will use religion as an excuse for their own discrimination. We shall not fall to their level, we shall not let them ruin this national celebration of love and equality and we shall ignore them. The world has moved on from discrimination and inequality, they should too, lest they be left behind in an era of barriers and needless hate.

Love needs no creed, race, gender or nationality to define it, in fact it is those very things which need love in this day and age more than anything else. Often people try to find a definition for love, a feeling which is universal yet unique to each and every individual. Love cannot be defined or stopped because love is each and every one of us and each and every one of us has our own unique description of love.





One thought on “Love is.

  1. I have no issue with same sex romantic relationships. Quite honestly, even though I am not gay, I fully support same sex marriage being legally recognized. Governments should only acknowledge civil unions. Let churches acknowledge marriages, be it traditional marriage or same sex marriage.


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