Miriam Dalli. Who else?

Cometh the hour, cometh the woman. Addressing the Labour Party delegates today at the party’s general conference, Miriam Dalli might have just given a revolutionised Malta’s political future and the future of gender equality in Malta. The need for more women in politics couldn’t be more evident and if you look at the numbers right now with only 10 out of the 67 MPs being women, you’ll realise just how pretty fucking bad the situation really is. As I mentioned in a previous post, the Labour Party ┬áhave always been at the forefront when it comes to women in politics and women in general in Malta. Once again they have not disappointed.

Introducing “LEAD”, a ten year project introduced and being lead by Miriam Dalli for the Labour Party with the main aim of attracting more women from the age of 16 upwards to enter the world of politics. A project aimed for women that are passionate about politics but have always been restricted due to the evident gender discrimination in politics in this country. The project will not stop at that though, LEAD will also provide mentoring, training and child care services if needed for those that join the program. With LEAD, the party is aiming to have a team made up of a minimum of 50% women candidates for the 2027 election. A number which would definitely be a sight for sore eyes in what is a male dominated playing field right now. Whilst the number might be an ambitious one as Dalli herself said, I have no doubt the project will be a success.

Miriam Dalli and the Labour Party could have opted for an easy way out and enforced a mandatory gender quota, but they knew that doing so would be nothing short of lazy and disrespectful.
Instead Miriam Dalli, and this is what makes her such a fantastic politician in my view, realised that “gifting” a seat to a woman purely based on her gender is nothing short of an insult. Instead, through LEAD, women will be able earn their seat through their own capabilities and their own merit. Not only does this innovative plan completely avoid tokenism, but it empowers women to reach their full potential in politics without the need for quotas whilst providing a level playing field.

Miriam Dalli has not just laid the foundations for better politics in this island, but she has just unleashed a political revolution which will see this island finally do away with needless obstructions for women aspiring to enter politics. LEAD might be a 10 year plan, but it is a plan that’s effects will be with us for generations to come.
Without a doubt there is no one better in my eyes to lead this amazing project other than Miriam Dalli, who knows all too well the large sacrifices and hurdles women have to make and go through to enter and succeed in politics when compared to men. Miriam Dalli is also a woman who knows what it takes to succeed.

As Joseph Muscat said today, our political system needs a change and it needs it now and the woman delivering that change will be Miriam Dall. I mean really, who else?

19983527_1593532124010756_5843849512763168662_o (1)

Miriam Dalli addressing the Labour general conference




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