Michael Briguglio: Turncoat

I have to admit, I laughed and I laughed hard when I read Michael Briguglio’s latest blog post title “A Souless State”. This is coming from a man that has sold his political soul by turning on his former party when they needed him the most, fellow activists, social and civil rights campaigners everywhere and the left in general. Believe me, the list could go on and on of the people and ideas Michael Briguglio has betrayed, but I don’t have all day and neither do you.

Briguglio somehow still thinks he has society’s best interest at heart whilst being part of the Nationalist Party. a party which is now in full fascist swing and with a leader that wants to bring back the good old Neriku Mizzi days when being Catholic, Latin, sexist and xenophobic was the in-thing. Yes ladies and gentlemen, gone are the days where Briguglio would wear his Che Guevara T-shirt and attend protest after protest pretending to actually give a fuck. For all those that thought that his whole PN and FN charade was just a phase, think again, it seems that Briguglio seems to be fitting in well with his new fascist friends at Pieta’ by resorting to labeling those that disagree with him as “Taghnalkollers” and recently as “Elves”.

The best part about this? Briguglio, a very self-righteous and vain man (Just take a look at his Facebook profile and you’ll arrive to the same conclusion), still seems to think that he’s doing all this out of principle. The man that begged the Nationalist Party to accept him as a PN Counciller rather than resign from the Sliema Local Council after resigning from AD and flipping off those who voted for him, the man that switched sides twice during the PN leaderiship election, the man that is part of a party that was against divorce and was in favour of spring hunting, the man that is now supporting a leader that believes marijuana should not be legalised and that legalising gay marriage was pointless, and the man thinks the Maltese people are ignorant still thinks he’s doing all this out of principle.  Whatever helps you sleep at night, Briguglio.

Thankfully there are those that still believe in the left and what it stands for, those that know the true definition of principle , those that really want to fight for civil rights, and those that believe more in the power of the message they stand for, rather than their image and the pursuit of glory and attention.

Principle is not a word I would associate with you, Briguglio. Turncoat, now there’s a word that’s fitting.



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