The Three Wise Hypocrites

I had hoped that I’d never have to never write another listicle after the whole Diacono kerfuffle. But, when you have three middle-aged men that have reached the pits of their political career and started digging further into the pitiful hole they’ve dug themselves into, I was left with no choice.

I won’t go too much into last Sunday’s protest, mainly because I believe that many attended had good intentions and the protest only turned into the sorry show it was by a few PN opportunists that are far more concerned about seeing their party in power or insulting anyone that doesn’t fall into their sorry circle, rather than grieving and demanding justice for a murdered human being. Don’t worry though, it was organised by the Civil Society Network (Excuse us while we die laughing) which is led by an incumbent PN Councillor and had a former PN candidate and former person of trust under a PN government as one of the speakers. As you can probably imagine it was all very impartial.

So, let’s start then:

1. Michael “Turncoat” Briguglio

Leader of the not so Civil Society Network, former Alternativa Demokratika and now PN councillor who is fully behind Adrian Delia, Michael “I’m doing this because it feels right” Briguglio is no stranger to hypocrisy. Just look at everything and everyone Briguglio has turned his back on in order to further his own political ambition and you’ll come to the same conclusion I did. Briguglio was one of those at the meeting that should never have taken the stage, yet, he helped turn the protest into yet another PN PR disaster. If Briguglio had a shred of the strong moral fiber he claims to have he would have resigned as a Councillor and he would have resigned from the Civil Society Network.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "michael briguglio"

Briguglio, blink if they’re holding you hostage.

2. Simon Busuttil

Simon Busuttil reminds me of a kid trying to play an arcade game that he has just lost and even though the words “GAME OVER: INSERT COIN” flash ominously on the screen, he still presses the buttons happily pretending to be playing albeit knowing it’s all futile. He just doesn’t get the hint does he? After suffering defeat after defeat after defeat, Simon Busuttil still thinks his political career can be salvaged somehow. Worse yet, Simon Busuttil still seems to think that he is Leader of the Opposition. If you take a look at Simon Busuttil’s behaviour in the past two weeks, you’d think he’s at the helm of the opposition. It was Simon Busuttil that attended Sunday’s protest. It was Busuttil that had to calm down Marlene and Godfrey Farrugia in Parliament, and it was Busuttil that spoke to BBC Newsnight with he caption “OPPOSITION LEADER”, . Rumours are abound that a coup is underway at the PN and that would explain Simon Busuttil’s appalling and politically motivated behaviour last Sunday in front of the Police HQ.

Busuttil says he had no position on tobacco as MEP -

“What do you mean I’m no longer leader of the opposition?”

3. Manuel Delia

Manuel Delia is finally back after catching an Arriva bus and route four years ago and ending up in the Sinai Desert where a flaming bush taught him about the rule of law and accountability. Delia Mk.II who is also now miraculously impartial, seems to be under the impression that his blog and opinion are the next best thing since the invention of the internet. He is also under the impression that he is now the new beacon for freedom of speech, all this after labelling people like Alex Vella Gera and others that criticized the protest as “Closeted-Fascists” and told them to “Buzz off” for having the audacity of voicing their opinion. For those that don’t know Manuel Delia, he was an integral part of the Arriva fiasco, his political credentials include shadowing Austin Gatt like a lost child wherever he went, crashing faster in an election than the Sterling after Brexit and putting bendy busses on our roads. If you’re ever feeling bad about your day, remember that Manuel Delia once thought he pulled the deal of the century by buying a fleet of bendy busses from Boris Johnson.

'Austin Gatt knew of oil scandal before story broke' - Emanuel Delia -

“I can’t believe Boris lied to me”


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